My resident: You know Miss R., they say that eating meat helps your brain develop and well, given how little of it you eat, I am concerned that soon you won’t be able to keep up.

Me: I have never heard of that finding.

Resident: Oh no, no, they definitely say that.

Me: Who exactly says that?

Resident: I don’t know….them!

2 thoughts on “carnivore.

  1. Hey! The DO in fact say that! It’s science… Eat more meat!! :)


  2. My father in law is notorious for “They say…” comments; almost always his own opinion, bolstered by his claim that “they” (the experts?) agree with him. My fave: “They say that those gas trucks on the freeway are really transporting nuclear fuel around town”. Some day, I want to meet “they”. They sound really….informed.


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