batter up.

Myself and 13 of skid row’s finest men and women headed out to the Dodgers game last night. Normally, I would back-up Sportscenter’s highlights reel, but for this game, mine actually may be better:

— My two male residents that decided they were so happy to be at the game that they would dance to “Rollin on a River” for a solid 30 minutes…the song however, was not actually playing.

–The older (non-resident) gentleman sitting a few rows back who stated “I don’t know what the h*ll that blonde girl is doing in the middle of that group of men, but golly, she sure knows a lot about the Dodgers.”

–My resident yelling out (just after the Phillies hit a two-run homer): We need some seroquel (psych med) over here stat! Miss R. is not doing okay on account of that hit – where is the psychiatrist when we really need her??!!

oh hey there, podsednik…not a bad way to put in overtime.

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