graceful rejection.

To give a little back-story before sharing today’s incident, I should tell you that I usually claim to have a boyfriend when talking to most of my residents or other patrons of Skid Row, as it makes it easier to ward off any advances with a polite smile and say something to the effect of, “Well, I am not sure my boyfriend would like that…”  Today however I felt a bit more snarky — maybe because it was Monday or maybe because due to the rain some of the local smells were a bit more pungent than usual….

“Miss R., you are just too beautiful, I simply have to date you.”

“Mr. K., you are just too old, I simply have to say NEVER!”

At this point I became slightly worried that he may snap back, but instead he began singing show tunes in what was a very baritone (and fairly pleasant) voice.

Gentlemen, take notes — THAT is how you take rejection.

Color me impressed.

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