baby it’s cold outside.

Being the Southern California native that I am, I tend to get cold pretty easily (especially my extremities).   It was a cold morning this morning — listen non-californians, 40 degrees IS cold, even if your 15 degree weather is colder.   I don’t want to hear that I am a wimp for freezing in said conditions, okay?!  Thank you. — and I decided that I should wear my fingerless gloves to work (as everyone knows it’s impossible to really do anything in normal gloves).  Before getting out of my car I grabbed a bag of clothes that I had been trying to sell to a resale shop at lunchtime.  As I was walking into my building one man looked at me, gave me a chuckle and kept walking, as another two women started snickering and whispering to one another.  Recognizing that this joke was clearly on me, I smiled and said, “Go ahead Ms. W., what’ve you got for me?”  To which she replied, “Now Miss R., you have heard the theory that says people who get married start to emulate and look like one another, right?”  I nodded, as she went on, “Well, I think that same theory is happening to you – LOOK at yourself, you got on homeless gloves and are carrying a ripped trash bag full of old clothes!  You need money??  I can give you money to get some real gloves and a duffel bag if you need….otherwise Miss R. please, PULL IT TO-GETHER.”

She may actually have a point.

4 thoughts on “baby it’s cold outside.

  1. oh Miss R…your stories always get to me!! And I wish it was 40 degrees. Our high today was 38-not good when you’re trying to recover from pneumonia.


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