Miss S: Miss R., How is your boyfriend doing?

Me: Umm, I am not sure who you are talking about, but I don’t have a boyfriend.

Miss S: You broke up with him?

Me: No, no, I haven’t had a boyfriend in all the time I have known you.

Miss S: Miss R., you cold.

Me: That’s true, the window is open, maybe I will close it.

Miss S: Naw Miss R, I mean, you scandalous.

Me: What?  What are you talking about?  What did I do?

Miss S: You broke up with your boyfriend, you’re not even sad and now you are pretending like he never existed and trying to change the subject on me — I am on to you!

Me: [very puzzled, conceding defeat, shrugging my shoulders] Welp, I guess you’re right…Should close the window a little?


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