Happy V-Day.

Mr. G is one of my sweetest, most genuine residents and in fact, one of the kindest, most optimistic people I’ve ever met. He is training to be a minister by mail, spends countless hours combing the city for any sign of life to share his story of redemption with and almost daily stops by my office to greet me. Today Mr. G stopped in to say hello, let me know he missed me yesterday (as I was out sick) and give me a rose he bought me for Valentine’s day (telling me not to worry, it was fake, so it wouldn’t die). What he evidently did not realize however was that inside this rose wrapped very tightly and inconspicuously was a special Valentine’s surprise…..

looks innocent enough….
…..or not.

I’m sort of confused now; to show appreciation, my mom always made me wear the clothes my grandma bought me front of her…this isn’t one of those situations, right?

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