paperless bank statement.

In my line of work I often find myself very frustratedly on the phone with banks or other establishments that have manipulated my residents into signing up for services that are of no use to them, but once agreed upon, take a portion of money each month from their newly minted bank accounts.  Today for example, I called a bank whom coerced one of my residents into fabulous deal on auto insurancefor the second time.  Although I will give it to him that the deal was pretty sweet, the problem clearly lay in that he does not own a car, much less has he driven in the last 20-something years.  Needless to say, I was more than upset with this bank and the man on the phone, as well as my resident were very aware of this.  As I ranted and raved about this being the second time they have solicited services to him that they know are not applicable to him and informed them that if this happens one more time I was going to come down there personally and then they’d really be sorry, Mr. F sat there wide-eyed, chuckling a bit at my anger (and I am fairly certain at the picture in his head of me actually thinking that me showing up at the bank was all that big of a threat).  The banker finally asked if he could speak to Mr. F for quality assurance purposes — yeah right, I wasn’t buying it — I firmly let him know that he could speak to him, but that it would be on speaker phone and I would be listening (gosh, I am so tough).  He spoke briefly to Mr. F, guaranteeing him that he would no longer be billed for said services and stated that he had a pretty tough social worker looking out for him (duh) and then nervously asked if there was anything more he could do for us, to which Mr. F replied, “Well yes actually, you see, my social worker is single and I would like her to be taken care of by a good man, she’s quite cute…oooh and blonde!!  Are you married??”

To which the banker practically yelped, screaming, “YES!” and hung up on us.

2 thoughts on “paperless bank statement.

  1. Any chance Mr. F is signing up for unneeded services so that he can watch you fight with the bank?

    Great story, but how low must a bank go to sell auto insurance to someone without a car? Ugh!


  2. You may be on to something — plus this man would literally stop at nothing to get me hitched.
    This bank has literally be the bane of my existence! More than once I have charged in ready do to business with my fists, but then remember that assault, especially in a bank is quite frowned upon.


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