kill ’em with kindness.

Miss N: Miss R!  I was watching something on tv last night and I saw this actress that reminded me so much of you!

Me: Really?  Who was it?  What were you watching??

Miss N: I don’t know what the show was, it was some sort of crime drama, this lady was a flower child, just like you, Miss R.

Me: Is that so?  You can’t remember her name?  What channel were you watching?

Miss N: It was on the history channel.  She was a part of a big famous family that killed people!

Me:  This history channel?!  I am fairly certain there are not many actresses featured on their shows.  You said she was part of a famous fam…(interrupting myself)…please tell me you didn’t watch a special on the Manson family…

Miss N: YES!  That was the name!  You look just like one of the Manson sisters!

Me: Awwwwwesome.  Thanks.

2 thoughts on “kill ’em with kindness.

  1. Somehow I was thinking it was the Tudor family, recently on TV and quite famous for its use of the axe. Best wishes.


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