green thumb.

I, along with a  local gardening organization that runs out of the Downtown L.A. area recently began a Gardening Group for the folks I work with.  My hope is that while digging our hands in the soil and watching life grow, we as a group can be reminded that fragility of life is not always a bad thing, but can be rather beautiful and therapeutic.   This afternoon, at our 3rd meeting we sat down with the organization rep. to discuss/brainstorm the different fruits, vegetables and flowers each we would grow in the space allotted to us.  One of my residents turned to me straight-faced and stated, “Miss R., we can’t grow cookies, so don’t even ask, but you might want to see if we can grow seaweed, I know you enjoy the ocean.”

So I did.

Our first sign of growth! I am fairly certain that my squeal showed much more excitement than anyone else in the group.

2 thoughts on “green thumb.

  1. I love your blog. I work as a Basic Skills Trainer so I get to see a bit of what you talk about. I wish I had written down all the the funny things clients have done and said.


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