country strong.

Every Monday morning I head over to the local 99¢ store where I can pick up a movie for my residents and I, to watch together in the afternoon.  I am often chastised for my “girly movies,” so the last few weeks I have done my best to pick movies with a bit more grit and grime.  Today however, I got a little selfish and picked out Country Strong.  During a particularly emotional scene (I mean, I am talking real emotion — like on a scale from 1-10, this would be an 8, it would not be debated as to whether or not this was sad in most settings), I got a bit teared up (fine, a lot teared up).  After a small sniff one of my residents turned around completely straight-faced and said, “What the heck?  Why you cryin’ Miss R?  You wish you were an actress and wanted to part of Gwyneth Paltrow?”

At this point the emotion fully took over and I sobbed accusingly, “No man!  Why aren’t you guys crying??  All of you!  How can this not be sad to any of YOU?!!?  What is wrong with you guys??”

“Uh-oh,” another chimed in, “Looks like we might have to consider having Miss R committed again.”

2 thoughts on “country strong.

  1. Seriously the highlight of my day when you post something. I so wish i could see all of these encounters in person. 🙂


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