empty orchestra [karaoke].

Without fail, anytime I enter a karaoke bar I begin to get nervous and shake, not as much for fear of singing (because I simply will not), but worse, the fear of listening to a friend (or stranger) sing terribly and having to pretend to enjoy it [read: I also have a similar irrational fear of live stand-up comedy].  Today there is a festival/fair of sorts happening an entire block away (also on Skid Row) from my office, yet I have now, very loudly and very clearly heard 3 different acapela versions of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” and am currently listening to the most out-of-tune rendition of “La Bamba” imagineable.

If people ever question if my job has perks, I’d encourage them to read this post as a reminder.

Here’s a random clip for you of my all-time favorite karaoke video that I will never have to fake-laugh at:


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