another memorial (of my dignity).

As I mentioned in my previous post, last week we held a memorial for a dear man that passed away. After the service was over, the pastor whom had volunteered to lead the celebration sat down with me…

Pastor: So ma’am, how long have you been here on Skid Row, at (insert anonymous apartment name)? I’ve seen you walking around the area for quite some time now, so I know it’s been awhile, right?

Me: Yes, I’ve been down here a little over 3.5 a half years and before that was in Pasadena.

Pastor: Oh yeah? Where were you in Pasadena?

Me: (names shelter of previous employment)

Pastor: Oh that’s wonderful. So which organization do you prefer?

Me: This one for sure, I appreciate the comprehensiveness of the services much more here.

Pastor: Oh is that so? So what is your favorite service?

Me: (confused) I’m not sure what you mean, I mean I can appreciate each provider for what they offer, but I’m not sure I have a favorite per se.

Pastor: Well, like who would you go to if you had a problem? A therapist? The psychiatrist? A substance abuse counselor? What about your case manager, do you get along well with them?

Me: Umm sir, I don’t have a case
manager, you know that I work here, right?

Pastor: Oh. Umm. Yes, of course. Obviously I didn’t umm, think you lived here. (awkwardly laughs and stands to leave) It was err, nice to umm, meet you and I’ll see ya around.

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