iron chef.

Mr. TD: Miss R., you’re not cooking for Thanksgiving are you?

Me: I am baking a pumpkin cobbler! I’ve never made it before, so you might want to wish me luck.

Mr. TD: Ohhh, so you are bringing a side dish too?

Me: No, no, just the cobbler.

Mr. TD: You mean you’re not going to bring your family a side order of Pepto Bismol?? Man, and here I thought you loved ’em enough to take them out of the look-at-me-I’m-trying-to-be-domesticated misery you’re going to put them in after they eat it.


Mr. TG: Miss R.! I went to church today and learned that God don’t like liars, He strikes ’em down — but here’s the truth; you are a very pretty lady!

I kid you not, as he said this he looked up and shielded himself for the blow he clearly was afraid he might receive.

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