blue ivy II.

Evidently my face exercise trainer needs to be canned, stat.

Mr. EL: Miss R, no offense [red flag! red flag! may day! may day!] but your face looks fat — are you pregnant?

Me: Umm no, I am not, but….

Mr. BH: (interrupting) Man! What are you talking about?! You are not supposed to say that to a lady and Miss R, I think you look lovely….oh! oh! and skinny!

Me: Oh thanks, but it’s fine (laughing)…

Mr. EL: No, I mean, it’s not a bad thing — it’s just your face is very full and you are glowing!

Mr. BH: Man, SHUT UP! Just stop talking, you are making an idiot of yourself — you should have just quit while you were ahead.

Me: Well, I mean, in his defense, he never really was ahead in this conversation.
[in fact, I’m not sure anyone was]

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