i’m bring sexy back.

It appears my residents are finally coming around to accepting my fashion sense.

Miss SK: [screaming] You are a terrible case manager! You never do things for me when I want you to and you care more about going to meetings than you do about me! All I want you to do is help me move out of this city, oh and you look nice today, and you never help me! Can you please do some work for one second of your day??

Me: Wait what?? Did you say I look nice today? That is fantastic! Thank you!

Miss SK: [rolling her eyes] I knew I should have kept my mouth shut — now you’re gonna get all cocky on me.


Miss WB: [sweetly] Miss R, you look really pretty today.

Me: Aww, thank you Miss WB, that is so sweet of you to say.

Miss WB: Maybe if you dressed like that more often you could finally catch a husband, gaaah.

[a couple minutes later sans resident]

Co-worker: Why do you think she said that? Is she afraid you are going to live alone forever or do you think she typically just doesn’t like how you dress? I mean, she doesn’t think you’re ugly right?

Me: Ummm, well…uhh…I don’t know? Maybe it’s best if we just focus on the fact that I allegedly look nice today.

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