go fish or old maid?

During a group this afternoon the topic of marriage came up, what marriage means, when divorce is a good option, etc. Given my residents love for discussing my love life one began pressing me as to why I am not married yet. When I told him I am still young (29) and have time he responded with “Well, I guess, but you really better hurry or you’ll become an old maid!”

A few minutes later another resident walked in mid-conversation at which point we’d transitioned into why it’s a good idea that I have waited because so many marriages don’t last and right off the cuff he (I kid you not) declared the SAME EXACT THING, that I was going to become an old maid if I didn’t hurry.

Awesome, thanks.

After the group I went into the bathroom and overheard three of the men from the group waiting for the elevator……and then this happened:

Mr. G: Guys, you can’t say stuff like that to Miss R., she’s nice and we don’t want to hurt her feelings.

Mr. K: Nooooo, I wasn’t trying to hurt her feelings at all, I was trying to put a little pressure on so that maybe she’d freak out about turning into a spinster and marry me in a panic!


Just to be clear, I should say no if he asks, right??

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