making a list and checking it twice.

This morning, 11 days into January, I was given the only Christmas card [I assume] I will receive this year [or I suppose more accurately, last year] from a resident. The envelope was sweetly decorated with a little heart and smiley face on the front and a drawing of a Christmas tree on the back. On the inside was a Seasonal greeting and a list of everything and everyone she was thankful for in her new apartment, all by name….we are talking every single staff person, including a couple temporary security guards that were employed for roughly 3 weeks at the building, 4 weeks ago, a couple names I felt guilty for not even knowing, her new bedspread, her favorite cereal, ev-ery-thing……oh, except my name.

I for one, am just glad Santa didn’t get ahold of this list a few weeks back, as it looks like perhaps I would have been given a stocking full of coal….again.

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