Have You Taken Your Homeless Vaccine Today?

I have been thinking all week that I’d like to tattoo this on my forehead, but I haven’t figured out the right font, so for now I will just post it here:

“Perhaps we’d be better served talking about people who are homeless instead of the disembodied idea of “homelessness.” It’s not like “polio” that needed a vaccine. Homeless people are people who have need human needs.”
–Justin McRoberts

Can I get a witness?!
[Please note that if I were to get paid per typo I write, I’d be a bazillionaire — that said, I was about 3 seconds away from posting “Can I get a whiteness?” just now. (answer: yes actually, I can.)]

Now go check out Justin’s latest sick-wicked-awesome project, it’s seriously blowing my mind.


Disclaimer: My apologies for deviating away from telling a ridiculous story that would quite possibly end in my befuddlement again today, but I just haaaad to share this, ok? Cool. You guys are the best.

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