humility is not just a river in egypt.

Last Friday I received word that RELEVANT magazine would be sharing my thoughts and the thoughts of my residents expressed here regarding the #FitchTheHomeless campaign. After quickly cramming, cutting and moving words around to fit the editor’s direction I sent it in, still shell-shocked that it was being published. The reaction it’s received has blown my mind, one of the coolest things being that many people have reached out to share their stories and methods of caring for a people group that are so very dear to my heart! I am so honored! Please, if you feel led, keep telling your stories. My hope is to figure out a way to connect us all, either through the internet or some other fashion.

After sharing this with a couple residents yesterday I showed them the final product of the article….

Mr. AB: This is awesome. I’m glad you wrote it, but where’s my picture?? I’m fine, girl.

Mr. TD: Your picture? That wouldn’t work, her picture had to be on there so it can be used to finally get her a date!

Miss LM: Wait, you finally joined a dating site? Thank God. You’re not getting any younger.

Mr. AB: Woooweee! I can’t wait to dance at your wedding, girl!

Me: Wait guys, no. I didn’t write this to get a date, I wrote it for YOU!

Mr. AB: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get that and we love it, we really do, but what we really love is that maybe, just maybe this means you aren’t going to die alone! Yahooo!

I think it’s pretty safe to say these folks will keep me humble.

7 thoughts on “humility is not just a river in egypt.

  1. LOL! I love where your SR residents priorities are at! Congrats to you and the waves your blog has made.


  2. Love your blog!!!! You are so gifted and your heart truly comes through as I read your stories….❤️


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