Hit On by the Homeless done gone and got a facelift!

Hit On by the Homeless done gone and got all L.A. on us and got a facelift!

My friend, co-worker, confidant, therapist and all around insanely amazing human being, Starr Merten overwhelmed me by putting her graphic design skillz (with a “z” to give her some street cred) to work and helped make my visual dreams come true. I honestly don’t know how to thank her enough, although I hope she likes Trident, because I plan to pay her in gum for at least the next year or so and it’s usually on special at the 99 Cents store.

It’s still a work in progress, so bear with me, but welcome! Take your shoes off and stay awhile.

6 thoughts on “Hit On by the Homeless done gone and got a facelift!

    1. Thank you! Please, grab a scone a cup of tea.
      (Man that just made my head go a million places imagining how great it would be if tea and a scone were delivered every time someone visited. And now I’m hungry.)


  1. Say what?! How am I just seeing this now? You are way too kind. Thank you for not mentioning my chaoticness, lack of knowledge and slow response time. I love gum and find it the most utilitarian and refreshing form of compensation, so pay up sista! (that was to add to my street cred also. did it work?)


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