Game Changer.

During games group this afternoon we played a game that I had never heard of and could not win for the life of me. The men all claimed they learned on the street. (I mean, how can I argue with that?) After an hour in which I thought perhaps I was either having a stroke or was just way to dumb to ever understand the rules this happened:

Mr. RT: Miss Rachel, you you can’t go, you got skipped.

Me: What?! Why??

Mr. GT: That’s the rules.

Me: This game doesn’t make any sense at all. I swear you guys are just making up rules to make me lose.

(all start snickering and looking around)

Me: Why are you laughing?! This is ridiculous! How do you all know how to play this crazy game?!

Mr. AB: Wellllll, maybe it seems like we are making up rules because WE ARE, Sucker! We tricked you!

Mr. RT: We’ve all just been making up random things to see how long it’d take your crazy-competitive self to lose it. This has been one of the most entertaining hours of my life! I thought at one point you might cry. You do know what happens if you lose a game in real life, don’t you? NOTHING. You still get to live. This isn’t the Hunger Games, Miss Rachel, CALM DOWN no one is going to eat you.


Okay, so perhaps they may not know the proper story-line for the Hunger Games, but either way; noted, well played gentlemen.

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