I Will Fight.

You say that I am contradictory

I’m a bleeding heart

I speak of peace

But look for a fight

And you’re right


Just maybe

To find the peace I speak of

A fight will change the world

And so

I will fight

For the man who cowers in fear as her tries to forget the past that runs thickly through his blood, up his arm and in his mind of the one he lost.

For the woman who holds her baby tightly, pretending that she can shield him from the cold streets and those who wants to rob them of their own.

I will fight for the boy who has been banished from his safe haven for the only love he’s ever understood to give to another.

For the woman who knows her bleeding fingers and trickling brow are the least of the injustices she faces day in and day out in order to feed the American Dream.

I will fight for the little boy who dreams of being a football star each day at dusk as he comes home to a vacant home and empty cupboards.

For the invisible woman on the street corner who lost her hope when she lost her mind on the swarming yet gravely lonely streets.

And I will fight for the man with optimism in his eyes as he takes steps toward the future yet feels held back by the remnant of his past that trace up and down his boney arm.


For them

I will fight.

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