Happy 14th Anniversary of Y2K Everyone!

Well guys, it’s been 14 years since the Y2K scare, a year and a half since Harold Camping tried to convinced us we were doomed and 9 1/2 since Friends went off the air…I’d say we truly are more resilient than we’ve ever been. We are survivors.

I have to be honest, I am not normally huge on New Year’s resolutions and rarely do I begin the year by doing some grand amount of reflecting, but this year has been a little different. 2013 brought with it many challenges, but I’d say a greater number of awe-inspiring moments, many of those you, dear reader, have played a role in. This year, this little blog, whose conception was a meager Word document, began to be seen by numbers of people I never anticipated. It’s been exciting, crazy and above all, humbling. Even more than that however, I have been overwhelmed by the number of people that have reached out to share their own hearts for caring for the marginalized. There are a great number of people doing incredible work, both big and small and I am so so so grateful to have been granted access to these stories. Please, keep them coming. Comment, email, tweet, whatever medium you choose, I love hearing from you. I am hoping to have a few more guest posts this year, maybe you’re just the person I am looking for.

With that all said, I’d like to thank you all for a wonderful 2013 and leave you with a few highlights:

Writing for RELEVANT Magazine.

Why #fitchthehomeless Backfires (This article was #1 in the Reject Apathy section for 2013! What the what?!!?)

Rescuing Beauty From an Ugly Culture

4 Ways to Seek Justice Everyday


Some very talented artists (and friends), Micah Bournes and Aisea Taimani performed a Christmas show for my residents. To say they blessed my heart in doing so may be the greatest understatement of all time. My residents were captivated, moved and encouraged, as was I 🙂

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THIS. I simply have no words. Let’s all be like Evy.
Facebook: HOBTH/Evy

Meeting Mike. I hope to never miss the chance to treat each person with kindness and attention. His words changed me.
I Am a Person.

The best advice of 2013.
Sugar in the Raw.

I could have listed many more, as this year was truly filled with wonderment and excitement. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your contribution in making it just that. Happy 2014 Y’all!

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