The Skid Row Fashion Police.


“Oh grrrrreat, Rachel has on her hippy bathrobe again.”

“Do you think she’s going to make us talk about peace and love again?” (not all that unlikely)

“No, probably just about global warming, recycling and crap like that.” (also not that unlikely)

“She’s cool, but man she’s a weird white girl.” (this is probably more true than false)

“Maybe this is why she’s still single, do you think?” (uh-oh, here we go)

“Nah, she’s single because she’s picky- she obviously doesn’t want to end up with a loser.” (preach, girl- said by the only woman in the group)

“No way, she’s single because she hangs out with us all day.” (partially true)

“You are all wrong, she’s single because she’s too skinny.” (bless you, sir)

“Well, either way, she’s single- and we need to get her fixed up so she can start having babies.” (no, no you don’t)

These are my people.


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