We need you.

I don’t write a ton of poetry…and I share far less than I write, but I think perhaps this one needs to be heard.

I’m certain if asked, each of us could make a laundry list of injustices we see in the world begging for change, desperate for healing. While I don’t believe each one of us is called to act upon every broken construct, as that would be impossible, I do believe we are all called to something– to watch, listen and act where we are moved and able.

So consider this my appeal, a battle cry of sorts- pleading with you to start, to keep going and/or to begin again ushering love into this crazy broken world. We can’t do this alone.

We need you.

We need you to fight.
To stand up for what you believe in.
To see the injustices of this world and be committed enough to deconstruct them piece by piece.
To be brave.

We need your hands.
To lift.
To carry.
To build.
To exchange tangible grace with those who crave it most.

We need your voice.
To scream for Truth.
To sing of peace.
To comfort with love.

We need your arms.
To wrap around the lonely.
To block out the cold.
To break down walls and build monuments in their place.

We need your heart.
To love this world into shalom.
To offer forgiveness to the broken.
To offer hope wounded.
To remind a desperately pained world that better days are ahead.

I need you.
To remind me that you need my hands.
To remind me that you need my voice.
To remind me that you need my arms.
To remind me that you need my heart.

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