Me too.

The card was kind of dumb if you ask me; it read: “Name the animal you most identified with before getting help for your problem.” What are we, 12? I thought, but then again, I’d chosen this exercise for our discussion group, I really had no one to blame but myself. “Come on Miss Rachel, […]

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Dear Me,

This was originally written to myself, for myself only- but after sharing a tiny snippet, a couple folks asked to read it. My initial thought? Umm, HELL NO. But then I decided to listen to my own voice below and worry about the dry heaves later. The inspiration came from my stupidly-talented-artist friend Tom, who […]

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Homeless Bill of Rights; Join the Movement

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” –Martin Luther King, Jr. THE HOMELESS BILL OF RIGHTS: 1. Right to move freely, rest, sleep, & pray and be protected in public spaces without discrimination. 2. Right to occupy a legally parked vehicle. 3. Right to share food and eat […]

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