¡Si, hablo espanol!

I recently made the vocational move, into a new building up the street, to start a new program replicating the one that I’ve been working with for the last 4 1/2 years. While it’s a great opportunity, it was a very sad transition [read; lots and lots of tears]. This new building means many new relationships, as well as the opportunity to assist in the actual move-in process (walking in and welcoming someone to their new HOME is by far one of the coolest things I have ever done/get to do) with everyone that walks through the door. This morning I met with a Spanish-speaking middle-age man to show him where he’d be living, help him with his lease agreement, etc. Now, my Spanish is certainly not amazing and to put it bluntly, I sound insanely white, but I can usually get by on what I’ve learned throughout the years. We got through the meeting/tour and I thought that all was well until 15 minutes later I got a knock on my office door….

Co-worker: Uhh, you met with Mr. R, correct?

Me: Sure did (getting a little cocky with the assumption that he was memorized by my amazing Spanish skills, “how did this blonde get so cultured?!”), why, what’s up? Continue reading “¡Si, hablo espanol!”

Jessica Biel, who??

I think two of the world’s most classic poets can best relay how sorry I am that it’s been so long since I have posted on here:
“It’s been a long time (long time), we shouldn’t of left you (left you),
Without a dope beat to step to (step to, step to, step to, step to).”
–Timbaland & Aaliyah

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make it rain.

Mr. GS: Miss R., you look so good today that if I didn’t know you and I saw you walking down the street I’d be like daaaayuummm and want to give you all my money!

Me: Huh. Okay, I kind of see where you’re going here, like maybe you’d wanna “wife me,” but instead you do realize you just made me feel a little bit like a hooker, right?

go fish or old maid?

During a group this afternoon the topic of marriage came up, what marriage means, when divorce is a good option, etc. Given my residents love for discussing my love life one began pressing me as to why I am not married yet. When I told him I am still young (29) and have time he responded with “Well, I guess, but you really better hurry or you’ll become an old maid!”

A few minutes later another resident walked in mid-conversation at which point we’d transitioned into why it’s a good idea that I have waited because so many marriages don’t last and right off the cuff he (I kid you not) declared the SAME EXACT THING, that I was going to become an old maid if I didn’t hurry.

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Sorry, that was the best titled I could come up with.

After a very terrifying viewing of the movie Gone [read: I will never sleep again] with some residents in our community room this afternoon, I walked into the lobby to see another resident, Mr. EG standing with a look on his face comparable to my own when I met Jonathan Taylor Thomas on my 13th birthday. When I asked him how he was doing he shared with me about his weekend, in which his sister came to visit, reconnecting them after 30+ years. With tears in his eyes and trembling hands he told me, “I never ever thought this day would come, that I would be proud enough of how I am doing to be excited not just to reconnect with her, but to show her my HOME and take her and my nieces to dinner. God is faithful and so so good.” Continue reading “Reunited.”

i’m bring sexy back.

It appears my residents are finally coming around to accepting my fashion sense.

Miss SK: [screaming] You are a terrible case manager! You never do things for me when I want you to and you care more about going to meetings than you do about me! All I want you to do is help me move out of this city, oh and you look nice today, and you never help me! Can you please do some work for one second of your day??

Me: Wait what?? Did you say I look nice today? That is fantastic! Thank you!

Miss SK: [rolling her eyes] I knew I should have kept my mouth shut — now you’re gonna get all cocky on me.

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