hang in there.

co-worker: man girl, based on how you look today, you must have had a great night last night — how hungover are you??

me: ummm well, i was at my parents so i did take the opportunity to watch some cable, which i suppose put me to bed a little later than usual…….and thanks.

mr. c: miss r., it’s a really good thing you’re so cocky or that could have really hurt your feelings!

plant rearing.

A couple birthdays ago one of my residents nervously gave me a plant (read here) that for the most part, I was able to keep alive — ok wait no, if I am being honest, it wasn’t entirely me, but rather my coworkers and other residents who would yell at me when it would start looking parched; they say it take a village to raise a child, it’s kind of like that, but more green, less human — Anyway, last week Mr. V, whom gave me the plant came in and retrieved it, stating that it was looking a little rough and needed some TLC (this was true, she was looking, errr just a little limp…).

Here is what my plant looked like before he took it: Continue reading “plant rearing.”

deal or no deal.

On the way to the hospital this afternoon one of my residents told me that she’d agree to start taking her seizure medication everyday if I agree to start dating someone.

You’d think avoiding seizures would be enough motivation in itself, but in any event, please inquire within if interested.

blue ivy II.

Evidently my face exercise trainer needs to be canned, stat.

Mr. EL: Miss R, no offense [red flag! red flag! may day! may day!] but your face looks fat — are you pregnant?

Me: Umm no, I am not, but….

Mr. BH: (interrupting) Man! What are you talking about?! You are not supposed to say that to a lady and Miss R, I think you look lovely….oh! oh! and skinny! Continue reading “blue ivy II.”

betty davis eyes.

Mr. K: Hey Miss R! I saw  movie last night with Betty Davis and she reminded me so much of you — I mean, seriously, your personalities were SO similar.

me: Aww, that’s awesome, what a compliment — I love Betty Davis.

Mr. K: Yeah! She even had your same name…….and was a mass murderer!

*Please note that the last time a resident compared me to anyone of fame it was one of the Manson sisters (read post HERE)I am debating at what point I should accept that maybe it is me.

no offense dorothy.

“Ooooh Miss R! You look lovely today — like maybe when you rolled out of your treehouse you hit all the branches marked ‘Kansas approves of this outfit!’ on the way down. Love it, but maybe let’s shoot for somewhere further west tomorrow, shall we?”
–Miss B (in her faux cockney accent)