Put A Bird On It.

Close to a year ago now, before I’d actually heard the quote “put a bird on it,” (I was late to the Portlandia party) I decided to do just that, on my wrist, in black ink. It came after a year of active deliberation and thought, as many in my life know decision making is not always my strong suit.

The bird imagery became quite thematic in my life a couple years ago, the year that I often describe as my ‘rebuilding year.’ Plainly stated, this year was rough. Losses of relationships led to some extreme heartbreak, anxiety and confusion and in turn, quite a bit of soul/faith searching. In said time period some bad choices were made, along with some good – all however beneficial in the trajectory of my healing. It’s funny how heartbreak can define our decisions so well. Continue reading “Put A Bird On It.”

Hit On by the Homeless done gone and got a facelift!

Hit On by the Homeless done gone and got all L.A. on us and got a facelift!

My friend, co-worker, confidant, therapist and all around insanely amazing human being, Starr Merten overwhelmed me by putting her graphic design skillz (with a “z” to give her some street cred) to work and helped make my visual dreams come true. I honestly don’t know how to thank her enough, although I hope she likes Trident, because I plan to pay her in gum for at least the next year or so and it’s usually on special at the 99 Cents store.

It’s still a work in progress, so bear with me, but welcome! Take your shoes off and stay awhile.

You Got Served.

“We are going to read this article about forgiveness this week, guys. What do you think?” I said as 9:30 hit, just as my weekly coffee and discussion group began.

After a bit of hesitation from a couple men and one spilled cup of coffee (by me) we settled in to read an article I’d found about “Nine Steps to Fogiveness.”

I was amazed at the amount of insight and grace each of these seemingly gruff men were willing to offer those who had hurt them, as well as each other as they spoke out of turn and over each other to share stories of forgiveness and what that looks like in their lives. Continue reading “You Got Served.”

Finding LIFE.

There is a little spot on the far edge of Skid Row that I always say I’d live if I were to lose my home….what? You mean you guys haven’t mapped out where you’d live if homeless? That’s weird.

For the last several years a man whom could pass for Santa’s brother has been occupying this space underneath the overpass with his rambunctiously sweet dog. I have seen this man take in others, giving them a place to sleep in his home and watched as he has swept and tidied the place. I don’t know this man by name, but each morning on my way to work as I pass in my car, we smile at one another as his dog playfully barks at me. [read: I am a sucker for any and all dogs. I have rescued 5 from the local streets….one of whom now lives with me. Yes, I’ve accepted my fate as the Crazy Dog Lady. Oops?]

This space, this man, brings me peace.

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stick ’em up.

One of my residents walked into my office yesterday carrying this:


Being the calm, cool and collected gal I am, I gasped and dropped to the floor.

I think it’s safe to say that any street cred I, perhaps delusionally, thought I had at some point has been buried in a grave with the pride I lost this last weekend when I called Corpus Christi “Corpus Crispy” to a couple of friends.

If you feel the need to unfollow me now, feel free. No one will blame you.

Man In The Mirror.

I have a friend that’s changed my life. In fact, I may actually know my doppleganger…that is if I were a 50-year-old man with a doctorate degree. Okay so that term is a little loosely interpreted…hmmm yeah, it may need to be thrown out, but he still changed my life, so let’s forget the dramatic naming and just focus on that, shall we? Cool. Keep reading.

Tom grew up not far from where I did in LA, he finished school and went on to become a writer. He was an active part of his community and had a vivid imagination that led him to write some great pieces of work, both fiction and non and through that process met and married his great love.

Tom and his wife moved to the west side of Los Angeles and had our timelines met up we would have been neighbors — I don’t use that term for rhetoric sake, we would have been actual neighbors…as in the walk a couple doors down to borrow a cup of sugar and apologize that my dog crapped on his lawn, kind of close.

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