Will Work For Food.

First of all, before I go any further, let me give a warm salutation to all 54 followers!

Woohoo! Now we’re cooking with gas! Actually, let’s not say gas, maybe we are cooking with charcoals? No, maybe solar power. Yeah, I like that better; more cost effective and better for the environment. We are definitely cooking with solar power!

But seriously, in all sincerity, THANK YOU. Every time someone new follows this blog or reposts it I don’t get so much squealy-excited (well, alright maybe I do that too), as I get awww-that-is-so-sweet!-humbled excited. I love these folks around me and the chance to bring a small glimpse of their faces to you all brings me such delight and knowing that you guys like it too, means so much to me. Trust me when I say that if I could give each of you a magical unicorn of your own, I would, but unfortunately for now, they are not ready to leave the unicorn farm haven I have created for them in my backyard. Maybe someday….

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