#FitchTheHomeless 2.0 [A Homeless Perspective]

Two nights ago I wrote this post in response to the recent video made by Greg Karber, in which he attempts to “rebrand” Abercrombie & Fitch. I’ll be honest, I expected about 100 or so people to read and not pay too much mind to it, but I was wrong. The post the currently has generated almost 4,000 hits and has been reposted 398 times on Twitter and Facebook. WHAT?! To say I am shocked and humbled is perhaps the understatement of the century. To that I say, thank you. Thank you for caring enough about this topic to begin the conversation with the people around you.

I received so many positive tweets, comments, texts and private messages yesterday it was hard to focus on much else to be quite honest with you. Along with said positivity, I also received quite a few responses in disagreement, which I welcome, I truly believe we do some of our best learning when respectfully dialoguing with one another. Although I can understand many of their viewpoints (ie; A&F needs to be stopped, homeless people are receiving clothes, it wasn’t meant to be harmful), it’s hard for me to watch that video and then turn around and look into the faces of these amazing folks I get to work alongside and not feel a bit indignant, as whether it was intended or not, the filmmaker appears to have made homeless people one half of the punch-line. Continue reading “#FitchTheHomeless 2.0 [A Homeless Perspective]”


In the last 12 hours this video has been sent to me several times, mostly with notes of ‘awesome, look at this!,’ while only one claiming Greg Karber (video maker) is missing the mark (that is actually a very mild way of paraphrasing). Here are my thoughts, if you care to read, if you’d prefer to stick with the awesome funny posts I won’t be mad and promise to [attempt to] make you laugh next time.

I have have always disliked Abercrombie & Fitch. Perhaps it’s because their price point was beyond what my parents would spend for me in high school or perhaps it has more to do with the fact that I spent half of high school dressed like I could actually stand on a surfboard for longer than 6 seconds and the other half dressed like Kurt Cobain. There’s also the chance that I simply have an aversion to smelling like a high school boy fresh from the showers every time I leave the store (I am a girl after all). Whatever the reason is, I was never a fan (sorry to the FOUR friends I have that have modeled for them….freaking L.A.). With the recent statements their CEO has made degrading women smaller than size large my dislike has turned into utter and complete hatred of the company. I am truly disgusted beyond belief. My point here being is please don’t mistake this post for having ANY support for their company. None. Zero. Zip. Continue reading “#fitchthehomeless”