country strong.

Every Monday morning I head over to the local 99¢ store where I can pick up a movie for my residents and I, to watch together in the afternoon.  I am often chastised for my “girly movies,” so the last few weeks I have done my best to pick movies with a bit more grit and grime.  Today however, I got a little selfish and picked out Country Strong.  During a particularly emotional scene (I mean, I am talking real emotion — like on a scale from 1-10, this would be an 8, it would not be debated as to whether or not this was sad in most settings), I got a bit teared up (fine, a lot teared up).  After a small sniff one of my residents turned around completely straight-faced and said, “What the heck?  Why you cryin’ Miss R?  You wish you were an actress and wanted to part of Gwyneth Paltrow?” Continue reading “country strong.”