Man In The Mirror.

I have a friend that’s changed my life. In fact, I may actually know my doppleganger…that is if I were a 50-year-old man with a doctorate degree. Okay so that term is a little loosely interpreted…hmmm yeah, it may need to be thrown out, but he still changed my life, so let’s forget the dramatic naming and just focus on that, shall we? Cool. Keep reading.

Tom grew up not far from where I did in LA, he finished school and went on to become a writer. He was an active part of his community and had a vivid imagination that led him to write some great pieces of work, both fiction and non and through that process met and married his great love.

Tom and his wife moved to the west side of Los Angeles and had our timelines met up we would have been neighbors — I don’t use that term for rhetoric sake, we would have been actual neighbors…as in the walk a couple doors down to borrow a cup of sugar and apologize that my dog crapped on his lawn, kind of close.

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humility is not just a river in egypt.

Last Friday I received word that RELEVANT magazine would be sharing my thoughts and the thoughts of my residents expressed here regarding the #FitchTheHomeless campaign. After quickly cramming, cutting and moving words around to fit the editor’s direction I sent it in, still shell-shocked that it was being published. The reaction it’s received has blown my mind, one of the coolest things being that many people have reached out to share their stories and methods of caring for a people group that are so very dear to my heart! I am so honored! Please, if you feel led, keep telling your stories. My hope is to figure out a way to connect us all, either through the internet or some other fashion.

After sharing this with a couple residents yesterday I showed them the final product of the article….

Mr. AB: This is awesome. I’m glad you wrote it, but where’s my picture?? I’m fine, girl.

Mr. TD: Your picture? That wouldn’t work, her picture had to be on there so it can be used to finally get her a date! Continue reading “humility is not just a river in egypt.”

losing streak.

Mo: Miss R, some of us were talking in the community room today and although we think it’s high time you found a boyfriend, we think it’s really good that you are not attracted to FJ (my co-worker), since you work with him and all — that could only lead to troubles.

Me: Oh well, I am certainly glad this is being discussed and although I am not sure I need to find a boyfriend, I am curious as to why/how you know that I don’t like FJ…?

Mr Mo: Well Miss R, it’s pretty obvious you don’t like him by the way you dress — you know you can’t catch a man like that, don’t you?  I mean, we’re right, right?  You don’t like him?

Me: No, no, I don’t.

Mo: Well good, that’s what we all concluded; that obviously if you liked him you’d fix your hair and dress better —  I mean, please, even you’ve got enough game to know that.

romantic comedy.

One of my residents and I were talking about hypothetically writing a romantic comedy — we decided that the sweetest thing either of us could say would be “before I met you I digested all my food like normal, now I can’t stop going to the bathroom.”

(I hope you were sitting down when you read that, as I am certain you swooned and got a little lightheaded)

A few minutes later, with food in his beard, he told me that there’s been some talk and people have started to notice that I never brush my hair and he thinks it’d be best for me to squash the rumors by running a comb through it.

noted, thanks.

A Mexican, a German and a Jew all walk into a bar…

This afternoon I had a meeting consisting of Miss M, her In Home Supportive Services Social Worker and myself.  I introduced myself when I first walked in and we began the meeting.  About halfway through the meeting the worker said, “I thought I was meeting with Miss R this afternoon.”

Me: You are, I am Miss R, the one you spoke to (and hung up on once, mind you) on the phone.

Social Worker: No you’re not, the woman I talked to is Mexican.

Me: No, no, she isn’t, I am Miss R and I am primarily German.

Miss M: You’re German?!  No wonder I am scared of you!  You people are craaazzaaayyyy! Continue reading “A Mexican, a German and a Jew all walk into a bar…”

going once, going twice….

Dear Auction website that keeps sending me threatening emails,

I simply wanted to write to commend you on your advertising choices/possible target demographic.  You see, I work with a population of homeless/formerly homeless folks, whom often come to see me regarding healthcare, social security income, housing issues, etc.  Not today.  Today one of my favorite residents — I know, I know, I am not supposed to have favorites, but I am a case manager, not a priest…(side note: do priest get to have favorites??)

Today however, Mr. G came in to see me with a very urgent matter.  I obviously stopped what I was doing, the case plan that I was writing could wait.  He shared with me that he was watching “the funnies” on his Time Warner Cable last night and saw a commercial that he knew was perfect for me. So he quickly grabbed his notebook to write it down.  The website was called “veezid.comswim” — yes, this is how he spelled it. Continue reading “going once, going twice….”