stick ’em up.

One of my residents walked into my office yesterday carrying this:


Being the calm, cool and collected gal I am, I gasped and dropped to the floor.

I think it’s safe to say that any street cred I, perhaps delusionally, thought I had at some point has been buried in a grave with the pride I lost this last weekend when I called Corpus Christi “Corpus Crispy” to a couple of friends.

If you feel the need to unfollow me now, feel free. No one will blame you.

Man In The Mirror.

I have a friend that’s changed my life. In fact, I may actually know my doppleganger…that is if I were a 50-year-old man with a doctorate degree. Okay so that term is a little loosely interpreted…hmmm yeah, it may need to be thrown out, but he still changed my life, so let’s forget the dramatic naming and just focus on that, shall we? Cool. Keep reading.

Tom grew up not far from where I did in LA, he finished school and went on to become a writer. He was an active part of his community and had a vivid imagination that led him to write some great pieces of work, both fiction and non and through that process met and married his great love.

Tom and his wife moved to the west side of Los Angeles and had our timelines met up we would have been neighbors — I don’t use that term for rhetoric sake, we would have been actual neighbors…as in the walk a couple doors down to borrow a cup of sugar and apologize that my dog crapped on his lawn, kind of close.

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Oh Crap(s).

Every week I run a games group for my residents where we play dominoes, Uno, Yahtzee, etc. Attendance has been a little lower recently so thought it best I invite people personally to join us….

Me: Mr. TD, Hey are you going to come play games with us this afternoon?! We miss you!

Mr. TD: I umm, have to be somewhere, sorry.

Mr. JW: He’s lying, he doesn’t have to be anywhere, don’t believe him!

Me: (to Mr. TD) Is that true? Why don’t you want to come??

Mr. TD: I umm, yeah I don’t know, games aren’t my thing anymore…

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Interviewed By America’s Favorite CoverGirl.

When I was a kid I was constantly playing ‘interview.’ (Wow. I think I just realized I was a huge dork.) I would ask myself a series of questions as a journalist and then answer them as myself…or rather, the self I wanted to be someday. The majority of the time my interviewer was a journalist from Sports Illustrated and I was answering questions about what my life was like as the wife of baseball’s greatest center fielder; Brett Butler. (Go Big BLUE!)

Given the recent #FitchTheHomeless buzz I have been asked many questions regarding some of my views on caring for those in need, as well a why and how I ended up working on Skid Row. I may be older now, but old habits die-hard. While laying in bed last night I interviewed my current self (still a dork?) and amused myself quite a bit while doing it. (yeah ok, still a dork.) Continue reading “Interviewed By America’s Favorite CoverGirl.”

humility is not just a river in egypt.

Last Friday I received word that RELEVANT magazine would be sharing my thoughts and the thoughts of my residents expressed here regarding the #FitchTheHomeless campaign. After quickly cramming, cutting and moving words around to fit the editor’s direction I sent it in, still shell-shocked that it was being published. The reaction it’s received has blown my mind, one of the coolest things being that many people have reached out to share their stories and methods of caring for a people group that are so very dear to my heart! I am so honored! Please, if you feel led, keep telling your stories. My hope is to figure out a way to connect us all, either through the internet or some other fashion.

After sharing this with a couple residents yesterday I showed them the final product of the article….

Mr. AB: This is awesome. I’m glad you wrote it, but where’s my picture?? I’m fine, girl.

Mr. TD: Your picture? That wouldn’t work, her picture had to be on there so it can be used to finally get her a date! Continue reading “humility is not just a river in egypt.”

Will Work For Food.

First of all, before I go any further, let me give a warm salutation to all 54 followers!

Woohoo! Now we’re cooking with gas! Actually, let’s not say gas, maybe we are cooking with charcoals? No, maybe solar power. Yeah, I like that better; more cost effective and better for the environment. We are definitely cooking with solar power!

But seriously, in all sincerity, THANK YOU. Every time someone new follows this blog or reposts it I don’t get so much squealy-excited (well, alright maybe I do that too), as I get awww-that-is-so-sweet!-humbled excited. I love these folks around me and the chance to bring a small glimpse of their faces to you all brings me such delight and knowing that you guys like it too, means so much to me. Trust me when I say that if I could give each of you a magical unicorn of your own, I would, but unfortunately for now, they are not ready to leave the unicorn farm haven I have created for them in my backyard. Maybe someday….

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