going once, going twice….

Dear Auction website that keeps sending me threatening emails,

I simply wanted to write to commend you on your advertising choices/possible target demographic.  You see, I work with a population of homeless/formerly homeless folks, whom often come to see me regarding healthcare, social security income, housing issues, etc.  Not today.  Today one of my favorite residents — I know, I know, I am not supposed to have favorites, but I am a case manager, not a priest…(side note: do priest get to have favorites??)

Today however, Mr. G came in to see me with a very urgent matter.  I obviously stopped what I was doing, the case plan that I was writing could wait.  He shared with me that he was watching “the funnies” on his Time Warner Cable last night and saw a commercial that he knew was perfect for me. So he quickly grabbed his notebook to write it down.  The website was called “veezid.comswim” — yes, this is how he spelled it. Continue reading “going once, going twice….”