Finding LIFE.

There is a little spot on the far edge of Skid Row that I always say I’d live if I were to lose my home….what? You mean you guys haven’t mapped out where you’d live if homeless? That’s weird.

For the last several years a man whom could pass for Santa’s brother has been occupying this space underneath the overpass with his rambunctiously sweet dog. I have seen this man take in others, giving them a place to sleep in his home and watched as he has swept and tidied the place. I don’t know this man by name, but each morning on my way to work as I pass in my car, we smile at one another as his dog playfully barks at me. [read: I am a sucker for any and all dogs. I have rescued 5 from the local streets….one of whom now lives with me. Yes, I’ve accepted my fate as the Crazy Dog Lady. Oops?]

This space, this man, brings me peace.

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