Interviewed By America’s Favorite CoverGirl.

When I was a kid I was constantly playing ‘interview.’ (Wow. I think I just realized I was a huge dork.) I would ask myself a series of questions as a journalist and then answer them as myself…or rather, the self I wanted to be someday. The majority of the time my interviewer was a journalist from Sports Illustrated and I was answering questions about what my life was like as the wife of baseball’s greatest center fielder; Brett Butler. (Go Big BLUE!)

Given the recent #FitchTheHomeless buzz I have been asked many questions regarding some of my views on caring for those in need, as well a why and how I ended up working on Skid Row. I may be older now, but old habits die-hard. While laying in bed last night I interviewed my current self (still a dork?) and amused myself quite a bit while doing it. (yeah ok, still a dork.) Continue reading “Interviewed By America’s Favorite CoverGirl.”