in sickness and in health.

I came in to work today coughing, sneezing and with a nose that only Rudolf or the folks in the Niquil commercials would envy.  Thankfully, I was given several get-well remedies and should be better by morning….

A can of Red Bull — “It cures colds, see read the fine print” (aka the fine print that is so small NOBODY can read it).

A cigarette, with the claim that it will “dry everything up.”  When I argued that it would make my cough worse, the response was, “it’s better for you than weed.”
This is probably true…but how about if I just don’t smoke either? Continue reading “in sickness and in health.”

oh so greatful.

The highlight of my Thanksgiving Eve today at work was a “Tree of Thankfulness” that I put together, to give my residents an opportunity (read: forced) to reflect on what they are thankful for, write it down on a card and hang from the tree.

My favorite card read: “I am greatful for Miss R. and my health (I think).”