Something Good In This World.

I had a little anecdote all geared up and ready for you folks yesterday, but in the wake of the tragedy in Boston, to write about burnt popcorn and my inability to properly use our office refrigerator felt a bit insolent. To be quite honest, I’ve felt a giant myriad of emotions in the last few days as I have been reminded in several instances how unsafe the world can be, both locally and across the nation. I find myself overwhelmingly tempted to  pull an Alice, jump straight into the Rabbit Hole and completely check out of reality or perhaps worse, become so focused on the disparity of humanity that I forget that there is still good in this world. It’s a temptation I face almost daily walking the streets of Skid Row, there is a lot of pain here…but just as was seen in the faces of the heroes clambering to helps victims of yesterday’s attack, there is also a staggering amount of light to behold in the world as well and I count myself blessed to be able to get a glimpse of it, when I am not too lost in myself to see it (which unfortunately is much more often than I’d like to admit). If you feel so inclined, I’d love to hear where you see that light, that love, that goodness. Let’s encourage each other today.

This morning, I came across this song (Oh Twitter, you’ve done it again, pal.) and was profoundly encouraged by it’s poignancy and relevance. May you be as well. Continue reading “Something Good In This World.”