Hi. I’m Rachel.

I started writing when I was just a pup. Back then most of my stories were about my dreams of growing up and becoming a bunny or my alter-ego, Katie the Crime-Fighting Kid. In high school I kept writing—entering essay contests to fund the poor choices I was making, as I tried to navigate growing up in the Los Angeles suburbs. (Don’t worry, dad, I don’t do that anymore.)

I initially started this site as a means to advocate and share about the 8 years of my life spent working on Skid Row. I’ve moved on since then, working with homeless teens under the banner of Young Life in San Diego—and it seems this site has turned into a place to just be human together.

But you should be warned: it’s messy around here. You’ll find a lot of unanswered questions about faith, pleas for peace and justice, stories of hope and honest encounters with my rarely filtered awkwardness. You’ll also find many, many typos.

This is a place I hope you can find yourself too. A place to breathe and know it’s okay to be imperfect. I am still learning how to do this, but perhaps we can do it here together.

I used to dress like an old man from Boca Raton. And that is one of my favorite things about me.

Want to read more? Here are some of my favorite pieces from around the world wide web:

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8 thoughts on “Hi. I’m Rachel.

  1. I like your site. I am a childhood friend of Danny Hobert. I work for myself doing marketing and crap like that, but also volunteer a good part of my week at the homeless shelter in Santa Fe.

    Peace out
    David Del Mauro


  2. hi! I read an article you wrote for Relevant Magazine once.. loved it so much that I started following your blog/tweets. I’m in school for social work and love seeing what you’re doing. Anyways, just wanted to say your work inspires me and your humor brings me joy!



    1. Hi Lizzie! Thank you so much for your lovely encouragement! I love hearing from other social workers, we all need to band together in middle USA one of these days and just sit around and share stories. It’s so great to hear from other like-minded folks.


  3. Hey, I was just sent a link to your latest blog post from a friend in LA. I’m a youth pastor in Escondido, about 30 min north of San Diego. Would love to chat with you and find out more about your latest venture.



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