All Dressed Up….

Mr. C: (after bursting through my office door): Miss R., Miss R. (almost in tears), I am so sorry I missed our appointment yesterday!

Me: It’s okay, we can reschedule no problem.

Mr. C: You see, I fell asleep and by the time I woke up you were already gone for the day, please forgive me!

Me: You are forgiven! I promise it wasn’t a big deal, let’s just reschedule.

Mr. C: Then all night long I dreamed that I stood you up for prom, you looked lovely in your purple dress by the way, but I never made it to you and you were so sad and your flowers were wilted. Oh gosh, please just forgive me, I know this can’t be easy on you…did it bring back painful memories?

Me: Ummm well no, it didn’t. Thank you for your concern, but I promise it’s ok.

Mr. C: Oh man really? Here this whole time I took you for one of those sensitive heartbroken ladies, you know the kind; lots of cats, hates talking about relationships, the slightest thing makes them mope around wishing they were married. Gosh, I feel so better now. I’ll be seein’ ya!


Huh. Well, I’m glad HE feels better.
(I’m not like that, right guys? Guys?! Hello?? Is anyone out there??)




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